3D & Game Dev

When the Seasons Change,
My Feelings Change

Collaborative first-person adventure game developed in Unity and modeled in Autodesk Maya, featuring procedural tree modeling in Speedtree.

Featured in Digital America vol. 14 and the VCUarts blog.

Responsible for concept, pitch document, environment design (concept, lookdev, modeling), procedural tree modeling, and logo design. Produced over the span of three weeks.


Aliyah Decker
Asset Modeling, Story

Caitlin Dinoia
Asset Modeling, Video Documaentation

El Tucker

Taylor Williams
Environment Design, Story, Sound

Documentation designed in Adobe Illustrator

Motion Capture and nHair Study

Motion capture recorded with Vicon Blade, rigging and nHair simulation in Autodesk Maya. Experimentation for motion capture elective course.

Gothic Still-Life

Still-life modeled in Autodesk Maya and rendered in Arnold, using a combination of custom Photoshop textures and Quixel Megascans assets.
Stylized Still-Life

Created as part of a 3D Modeling course at VCUarts. Modeled in Maya and rendered in Arnold, textures created in Photoshop to recreate a 2D painting using 3D modeling software.