Character Design


Massive action at a micro scale. Animated short.

Animated in After Effects. Designed in Illustrator.
Inspired by Genndy Tartakovsky’s “Primal” and “Pikmin,” I wrote an animated short with the goal of communicating characterization without dialogue. Below is a fight scene excerpt I animated as a proof of concept.

Concept Sketches:


Animated in After Effects. Designed in Illustrator.
For my Brandcenter application, I wanted to create an age-, gender-, and body-inclusive cast of characters. So I took inspiration from the polychromatic color schemes of franchises such as Captain Planet and Power Rangers to give each character a unique personality.


Animated by hand, using felt tip pens and sheer force of will. Composited in After Effects.

My first animated project! For more cynical humor and self-portraiture, check out my comics!