Little Caesars

[The Fanceroni]

Topped with edge-to-edge cheese and Old-World pepperoni, the Fanceroni is fancy.

Produced work supporting the Fanceroni campaign, created as an intern at McKinney, Summer 2022.

Produced with
Jameson Rossi (CD)
Andrew Williams (CD)
Robert George (CW)
Michael Mendoza (AD)
Ryan King (CW)

The Galleroni

To celebrate National Pepperoni Pizza Day, we launched an Instagram gallery called “The Galleroni” (named by yours truly) –offering one-of-a-kind art items for all for the fancy price of $9.99. 

The Galleroni

[on Instagram]

The Art History classes finally paid off.

Featuring: ‘Roni Night, Ornate Candelabra with ‘Roni Scented Candles, ‘Roni Still Life, Girl with A ‘Roni Earring, Fanceroni Helmet, Rhinestoned Footbal, Bedazzled Purseroni, Fanciful Beverage Chest, Cupped ‘Roni Chair, and ‘Roni Monocle


Wrote alt lines for the Fanceroni’s food-only :15s.