Maxwell House
Spec, Writing, Ad
He’s coming out of the can!

Years ago, coffe heir Maxwell House traded in his fortune for a billion coffee beans. When the stock market crashed in ‘29, he withdrew inside his vault, vowing to return when the world needed him most.

A man out of time, Maxwell re-emerges to discover a whole new world of wonder – and expense. Through his trials and tribulations, Maxwell teaches us that frugality is a virtue.

Good Since the First Drop.

Produced with
Character voice and story, voiceovers, audio editing, and animation scripts

Produced with
Alley Steele (CW)
Rose D’Amato (AD)
Caroline Hastings (XD)
Kennedy Thompson (ST)
Mia Douglas (CBM)

Realities (:06)
Locomotives (:06)
Radio :15s