Little Caesars


Topped with edge-to-edge cheese and Old-World pepperoni, the Fanceroni is so fancy, you might just call it a work of art.

*Nominated, Webby Award for Social Campaign – Food & Drink, 2023.

To celebrate National Pepperoni Pizza Day, we took over the Little Caesars page with a shoppable Instagram gallery called “The Galleroni,” offering one-of-a-kind Fanceroni-inspired art items, all for the fancy price of $9.99.

Welcome to The Galleroni...

We collaborated with viral oil painter Noah Virier to create a unique Little Caesars still-life for sale at The Galleroni.

Responsible for: concept, merch and activation names.

Produced with

Jameson Rossi (CD) // Andrew Williams (CD) // Robert George (CW) // Michael Mendoza (AD)
Ryan King (Intern)
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