Why are oat-based products the alternative? 
What makes real milk, “real milk”?

*Winner – Brandcenter Live Client, Fall 2022
*Gold – Student Integrated Campaign, Richmond Ad Show 2022


Huh. Wonder where that goes...

Training customers to look for new Oatly! products in unexpected places with portals that lead to new locations featuring Oatly! products throughout the grocery store.

SPOTIFYBringing the ethos of Oatology to Spotify with radio ads made to make listeners question their reality.

[MERCH]MAGIC OAT BALLWe created a magic eight ball tailor-made to combat existential dread with the power of oats.

[ACTIVATION]CAPTCHASAnnouncing new products by hijacking an iconic web feature on the Oatly! website.

Produced at VCU Brandcenter.

Responsible for co-concepting, copywriting, and comping support.
Produced with
Andrew Krysinski (CBM), Allison Fitzgerald (ST), Meaghan McFarland (XD), Morgan MacLachlan (AD), Ethan McKay (AD)

Winning live client work for Oatly, Fall 2022.
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